2011/2012 Club Archive

President: Howard Hu
Vice-President: Zach Weinrich
Treasurer: Anna Borenstein
Secretary: Casey Albitz
Safety-Officer/Equipment Manager: Ross Twanmoh
Webmaster: Stephan Nieuwoudt

Men's Traveling Team:

POVL Record:  2-4
Season Record: 5-11
POVL Tournament Result: DNP
Nationals Result: DNP

Women's Traveling Team:

Season Record: 2-5-1

Case Volleyball Club Spring 2012
 (Front) Allison Zimmerman, Amanda Robinson
(Middle) Nick Welko, Howard Hu, Casey Albitz, Zach Weinrich
(Back) Christian Stilp, Amanda Nash, Helena Trainer, Joe Volzer, Stephan Nieuwoudt, Mike Szabo, Brett Bauer

26 April 2012
    Scrimmages vs. CSU   
   CSU started their men's club team this year and took on the Case Volleyball Club men's team in a scrimmage.
    In this debut the Case men won six straight sets to close the season, trying many different rotations and 
    positions throughout the day.

1 April 2012
    Scrimmages vs. JCU & Kent   
   In a pre-nationals scrimmage tournament at JCU the men competed against Kent State and JCU, beating both     
    teams in two very competitive matches.

31 March 2012
    POVL Regional Men's Playoffs @ Case Western   
   The men placed 2nd in the home playoff tournament, but were unable to secure a berth to the regional 

25 February 2012
    Case Volleyball Men @ Grove City (POVL)
   The men went 1-3, defeating Waynesburg.

25 February 2012
    Case Volleyball Women @ Kent State Tournament
   The women went 4-6, finishing in second place in the silver bracket.

4 February 2012
    Case Volleyball Men @ Ohio State University Tournament
    The men's team fared decently in their spring season debut against tough competition with a 1-4 record.

19 November 2011
    Case Volleyball Men's Home Invitational Tournament
    John Carroll University defeated the NAVY in the tournament finals for the championship. See results here.  

12 November 2011
    Case Volleyball Men @ Kent State Tournament    
    Went 1-3 in Pool Play and did not qualify for tournament bracket with a win over JCU

6 November 2011
    Case Volleyball Women @ University of Pittsburgh Tournament    
    Placed second in the consolation bracket with a win over Pitt B.

15 October 2011
    Case Volleyball Women @ Ashland Spooktacular Tournament    
    Went 3-3 in Pool Play, and lost in three games in the Gold Bracket to hosts Ashland Gold.

13 October 2011
    Away Scrimmage @ Ashland
    Ashland Men def. Case Men

11 October 2011
    Away Scrimmages @ JCU
    Case Women def. John Carroll Women
    John Carroll Men (tie) Case Men

6 October 2011
    Home Scrimmage
    John Carroll Men def. Case Men