Fall-Spring 2017-2018 Rosters

Competitive Team Eligibility Requirements:
  1. Be in good standing with the club and university.
  2. Attend two of the three practices prior to competition.
  3. Attend two-thirds of all practices during the semester.
Men's Roster:

Women's Roster (KSU Tournament):

Case Volleyball Club 2012-2013
(Front) Fritz Dengel, Laura Martin, Nick Welko, TJ Pech, Dedra Teel, Allison Zimmerman, Ross Twanmoh, Winnie Wong,
Jenna Applebee, Rebecca Robertson. (Back) Sam Kuhnle, Rob Toth, Chris Bej, Zach Weinrich, Olivia Boyle, Mike Szabo,Stephan Nieuwoudt,
Casey Albitz, Kevin Vick, Megan Mocadlo, Lindsey Clint, Emily Kugel, Ian Taylor, Ashley Leyden, Tony Yu, Anna Borenstein, Kevin Fang, Marc Sutton

Case Volleyball Club Women Spring 2013 Home Tournament
 (Front) Amanda Robinson, Winnie Wong, Jenna Applebee, Anna Borenstein
(Back) Nelson Wittenmyer, Emily Kugel, Casey Albitz, Olvia Boyle, Lindsey Clint, Dedra Teel

Case Volleyball Club Men Spring 2013 POVL Tournament
 (Front) Fritz Dengel, Zach Weinrich, Chris Bej, TJ Pech, Nick Welko, Mike Szabo, Ross Twanmoh, Kevin Fang, Nelson Wittenmyer
(Back) Stephan Nieuwoudt, Kevin Vick, Pri Chari, Joe Volzer, Kevin Bigart